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bmw x6

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Bmw x6 review
Bmw x6 Details of the vehicle
BMW x6 has fashioned an innovative model in the new BMW X6 Sports Utility Vehicle launched (SUVs). This model is a kind of inter-mixed hybrid of an SUV with a stylish vehicle. Through its attractive appearance fashion is having a strong personality; BMW X6 is a perfect machine to melt in your working life with personal game time. E 'equipped only with the versatility and ease with which it is processed. BMW X6 comes in two basic models before X-Drive and the other is the 35th X-Drive50i. Of which the X-Drive is very fast 35th with a 300 horsepower engine, providing one with a great combination of speed and agility. One always tend to think of this combination every time he speaks of BMW.
While on the other hand, X-Drive takes on 50th-35th X because of its extreme engine power and greater acceleration potential. X-Drive is equipped with turbo V8 50th enhancement also having 400 horsepower engine. E 'for sure that this will drive the BMW x6 in all other vehicles in its class right out of this map.If you are looking for a combination of speed and high torque, then you search ends here because it excels at both levels.
The BMW X6 is totally attractive and substantial vehicle classified, for people of a higher class only. X6 is ready to take you wherever you go. But each of us must be thinking that if not the speed that all this can help drive? Then here are some places where the more you can help more of: -
Living luxuriously-BMW X6 and promises to keep your life seated and surrounded by luxury. The Vibrant performance power control this car to drive formula on himself. It has a perfect drive, rather than just being capable of meeting any particularly sensitive part of your lifestyle also provides the real driving fun. Having a moon roof power highlights giving end for the leather which will sink while sitting on it.
Travel-and promises to keep you safe on the road as it is equipped with 6 airbags are also well known that BMW is very popular due to electronic stability control. It is having a lot of room in it for a family of 4, as well as having all the tools you need travel.
Off The Road Drive-Killer looks of the BMW X6's looks are too perfect about who are responsible for your consideration. But after that is for sure that this vehicle is willing to take in even the harshest landscapes. With its flattering sport management will feel as if sailing on the most terrible road conditions.You can even crowd with their luggage as this vehicle has a lift gate that automatically unlocks to reveal the cargo area and easily store all your gear off-road.
Overall we can say that the BMW X6 offers high standards has always been waiting for BMW commonly labeled as a "vehicle Running in Dreams."

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bmw x3

bmw x3
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Bmw x3 review
In 2004, the BMW X3 has introduced a new concept to the market: the small premium Sports Activity Vehicle with all-road capability and unparalleled driving dynamics. This first generation of the BMW X3 has become a best seller in the BMW line ... both the U.S. and Europe. Through its life cycle, more than 600,000 original X3 were sold throughout the world, with 150,000 sold in the United States. Subsequently, some competitors have entered the segment now hotly-contested.
The new second generation BMW X3 builds on the success of the original by developing its core competencies, while adding new technologies to establish new benchmarks for the agility, efficiency and comfort. The new BMW X3 will be produced in an expansion of the BMW plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina plant and is expected to arrive in the U.S. BMW centers by the end of 2010.
Bmw x3 Design: External
The design of the new BMW X3 conveys elegance, agility and strength. In attack, the attacker-large BMW kidney grille and angled optics combine with a powerful-looking front spoiler and hood with six contour lines sweeping down to meet the kidney grill, giving the BMW X3 a presence in bold. The double round headlight combined with round fog light that form the triangular pattern is characteristic of BMW design SAV. The upper edge of the optical unit a sporty trim chrome accent, creating focused design typical of BMW vehicles.Signature BMW "Corona Rings" are back lit to function as daytime running lights. When equipped with the optional xenon headlights, daytime running lights and crown rings are lit by bright white LEDs.

The profile of the new BMW X3 also features a unique interpretation of typical BMW design X. Strongly flared wheel arches and front and rear overhangs emphasize the short-robust character of BMW Sports Activity Vehicle. The dynamic aspect of the silhouette is accentuated by three characteristic lines.The new BMW X3 is the typical upper contour line at the handle rises steeply at first within the front wheel, then flows gently to the rear. Two additional lines follow this thin contour line above the wheel arches.
The rear is marked by horizontal lines, emphasizing robust character of the new BMW X3. Precise lines and surfaces modeled specifically to create attractive light and shadow effects. The rear lights, which are far out, have a characteristic T-shape that is characteristic of the BMW X3. LED Light Bars to create a distinctive design signature BMW night.
Dimensionally, compared to its predecessor, the new X3 is a half-inch (12 mm) high, 3.36 inches (83 mm) longer, 1.1-inch (28 mm) wider, and has a half inch (12 mm), height from the ground more. It rides on a wheelbase is 0.6 inches (15 mm) longer at 110.6 inches (2810 millimeters).
Bmw x3 Interior: first-class environment, intelligent functionality.
A generous and flexible spatial concept, high-quality materials and a distinctive three-dimensional design surface provide the interior of the new BMW X3 with a modern, smart features and a premium environment. The horizontal lines accentuate the width of the instrument panel of the interior. The driver-oriented cockpit, a hallmark of BMW design, is underlined by the center console asymmetrically designed. The central display of the optional navigation system with the fourth generation of BMW iDrive is harmoniously integrated into the dashboard. The characteristics of the system in 8.8-inch high-resolution trans-reflective screen, which is the largest on-board monitor in the truck segment.Throughout the vehicle, the new BMW X3 has a large number of storage compartments, trays and cup holders.
The high seating position makes the output and input, while providing exceptional visibility to the outside. The three rear seats offer outstanding comfort for long distances and leg and a lot more leeway than his predecessor.With the EU-sized cargo volume between 19 and 56.6 cu.ft. (550 and 1,600 liters), the trunk of the new BMW X3 is the largest in its segment. At the same time, the versatility with which the available space can be adapted to meet your personal needs is unparalleled. The rear seat backs can be split in a ratio 60: 40 and can be folded individually or together. The optional rear seat with ski pass-through has three segments of 40: 20: 40 can be folded individually or in combination that allows you to adjust the luggage compartment in varying degrees as needed.
The BMW X3 xDrive28i: 6-cylinder power for the entry model.
For the United States, the entry-level BMW X3 xDrive28i will feature award-winning BMW magnesium / aluminum 3.0-liter in-line-6. In 2006 and 2007, the '"N52" has received the distinction of being one of the Wards 10 Best Engines of the Year. Its magnesium / aluminum construction, Valvetronic variable valve lift and Double VANOS are features found only on BMW engines, and is currently the lightest six-cylinder in its class in the world. The N52's BMW X3 has a power of 240 hp at 6,600 rpm and 230 Nm of torque between 2,600 and 3,000 rpm.
This is sufficient to accelerate 0-60 mph in 6.7 seconds. This is almost half a second faster than the previous BMW X3 xDrive30i equipped with an automatic transmission.
The BMW X3 xDrive35i: Class leading performance and efficiency.
The new flagship model of BMW X3 xDrive35i features BMW 3.0-liter turbo last in line-6 ​​engine "N55" which combines direct fuel injection, twin-scroll turbo technology, Valvetronic. The N55 engine develops a maximum power of 300 hp at 5,800 rpm with maximum torque of 300 Nm is available across the street from 1.200 to 5.000 rpm. Redline is 7,000 rpm.
This engine makes the BMW X3 xDrive35i accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.5 seconds (preliminary). Top speed is electronically limited to 150 mph when fitted with the optional Sport package.
Both the xDrive28i and xDrive35i X3 BMW X3 will offer not only the most dynamic driving characteristics in their categories, but also by far the most favorable fuel consumption and emissions within their class. EPA estimated fuel efficiency will be provided closer to the date of sale on the United States.
Playing a supporting role: the new and innovative 8-speed automatic transmission.
How many new BMW models, the new BMW X3 is equipped with an 8-speed automatic gearbox, which carries a fluid, sportiness and efficiency to new levels of perfection. Compared to specimens 6-speed automatic previously offered, the 8-speed is "taller" gears that make cruising a significant contribution to reducing fuel consumption and emissions, as well as peace of mind. Its wider spread of ratios from lowest to highest gear improves acceleration and response across the range of speed. The revolutionary design also allows for direct shifts from 8 March to 2nd gear for maximum acceleration.
This new automatic attributes have been achieved through an innovative concept that provides the two additional reports (7 and 8) without any increase in volume or weight. In an innovative arrangement, four planetary gearsets and five clutch packs are controlled so that no more than two of the five clutch packs are coasting at a given time. The modest increase in the number of new mechanical components allows the transmission to reach unusually high efficiency. The so-called "efficiency gearing" is over 98% in all eight gears. . In 6, gears running at optimal efficiency is because this is a direct drive. Combine this with low friction and the ability to keep the torque converter "locked up" more of the total driving time, and the transmission becomes very much a part of the complex concept of BMW EfficientDynamics.
Two additional gear means threefold progress: faster shifts, more fluidity, more efficiently.
The wider dissemination of the reports allows the engine to operate at lower speeds, often of the "higher" gear, 8. Yet even with this wider spread, the distance between adjacent gears are reduced, in turn, this means a stronger, smoother flow of power during acceleration.
Faster shifts are an additional benefit, because only a clutch pack is disengaged to move up or down a gear or two. On the other hand, climbing more than two gears is accomplished as a direct passage. For example, a climb from 8 to 2 ° gear is made with only one clutch pack hallway, and there is no way to step down through the intermediate gears. So at a certain instant the driver can enjoy the quietness, fuel consumption low speed gear 8, and the instant success of the maximum acceleration.
New suspension, intelligent xDrive all-wheel drive, and tailor-made dynamic.
The new BMW X3 xDrive standard features intelligent four-wheel drive. Now in its third generation, BMW xDrive has been revised to incorporate even more flexibility, faster response and better handling characteristics. The new system represents a significant evolution in xDrive capabilities, which has always depended on a network of Dynamic Stability Control and the xDrive system.With the overall management system integrated in the chassis, all three control circuits work in parallel. This interaction gets refined reactions even more quickly to changing driving conditions and improves the already exceptional driving dynamics and xDrive.
BMW xDrive is unique in design and construction. Under normal conditions, the steering torque is always transmitted to the rear wheels, and most of the time for all four wheels. Normal torque split is 40% rear front/60%. The portion of torque transmitted to the front wheels is controlled by a multi-plate clutch that can be fully opened (100% rear), fully engaged or at any level of partial engagement in between. The torque split between front and rear wheels is therefore continuous variable. Pressure on multi-plate clutch effort is led by an electronic control system in response to the current road and driving conditions.This gives a dynamic capability xDrive that is unparalleled by other four-wheel drive systems.
The new BMW X3 also features suspension technology completely renovated.The combination of a double-joint spring-shock front and multi-link rear suspension provides the foundation for agility and ride comfort. The standard Servotronic speed-sensitive power steering contributes to precise handling of the BMW X3.
The BMW X3 is optional electronic damping control adjusts the shock absorbers to any level of firmness, quickly adapt to road conditions and demands of the driver .. Suspension control is always optimal for the current road conditions, vehicle speed and load. The default softer shock setting appropriate for the vehicle speed, and when the vehicle encounters an uneven surface of the road, they adapt instantly to control ride motions, preserve riding comfort, and maintain contact with the road. The system is so fast that even at highway speeds, the system can perceive a hole for a front wheel and adjust damping of the rear wheel before it reaches the hole itself. The electronic damping control option includes a new control function on the performance of the BMW X3. X3 Performance Control helps maintain a neutral treatment by adjusting the rear torque split xDrive front/80% to 20% steady-state cornering.Performance Control can also apply the rear brake inside, while also feeding a little 'more to the outside wheel (to compensate for the extra strength of the brake) in order to help turn the vehicle.
Adjacent to the E-Shift lever on the center console of the BMW X3 is optional Driving Dynamics Control selector (included with EDC). DDC offers three settings that the vehicle characteristics tailored to different drivers, one driver's different moods, the driving conditions - or all of the above. The settings are Normal, Sport and Sport Plus, the vehicle-dynamics parameters are affected:
Shock absorber firmness (within the system with electronic damping control)
Engine response to throttle
Transmission shift characteristics
Power steering assist level
Dynamic Stability Control Mode
The BMW X3 is the driving dynamics can be largely controlled by these different calibrations of so many elements. In addition, when equipped with the navigation system, iDrive, the driver can use custom tailored to the sports setting.
Just before the driving control circuit Dynamics is the Dynamic Stability Control Switch for BMW's all-encompassing stability and traction control system. A short press of the button switches the system Dynamic Traction Control, during which the threshold of the DSC, one effect of this setting is improved traction in deep snow. A push and hold the same DSC off completely, although the anti-lock brakes and anti-tilt functions remain active.
A wide range of standard and optional features of BMW ConnectedDrive.
BMW ConnectedDrive includes all the offerings and technologies that connect our vehicles, drivers and passengers, and the outside world. ConnectedDrive is composed of three main pillars: Convenience, Infotainment and Security. Each of these three pillars operates and interacts well with the iDrive control board and the other to create a unique and unsurpassed for both driver and passengers.