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bmw 5series

bmw 5 series
bmw 5series dashboard
 bmw 5series interior
 bmw 5series 2011 interior
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Bmw 5series review
Bmw 5series,World debut of the new BMW 5 Series Sedan marks the epitome of driving pleasure in the world of modern design and premium midsize sedan. Look at the campaign and his leadership, the driving dynamics typical of BMW, through the comfort and safety and innovative features, the sixth generation of the BMW executive express is exactly the world's most successful luxury car reflect the standards supported by the manufacturer.
Design: Athletic and charismatic.
The longest wheelbase in the segment, a long hood and slim, coupe-like roofline and the short overhangs, new BMW 5 Series Sedan, stands out clearly from the competition. Overall, the exterior of the car is made in balanced proportions.Architectural features, the stylish and elegant side view of a car, a symbol of the BMW kidney grille and front slightly bent forward position, and finally back muscles.
Interior, precise and perfect harmony, featuring a blend of cool and clear directions to the driver and a unique style.
Reference dynamics, comfort and excellence: driving experience.
Transmission and advanced suspension technology, combined with high standards of passenger comfort and agility for the driver. When equipped with Sport Package, BMW 5 Series Sedan New Adaptive Drive that contains the driving dynamics control, and includes active roll stabilization and electronic damper control. The optional Integral Active Steering, for better stability at high speed and agility at a substantially lower rate, extend or shorten the wheelbase of the vehicle.
At launch, the new BMW 5 Series Sedan, V - Line 8 - 6 petrol engines are available in. The range of the finest BMW 550i BMW high-precision direct injection with a maximum power of 400 horsepower turbocharged and two "reverse" V - 8 engine comes with. The new line - 6 BMW 535i for single, twin-scroll turbocharger, high-precision direct injection, and for the first time, and is equipped with gas-less Valvetronic vacuum technology. It provides a maximum power of 300 hp and 300 lb-ft. Wu and fifth hundred fifty one hundred thirty fifth, six-speed gearbox, eight-speed automatic transmission, BMW, or a new "Auto Sports" will be available 8 speed options.
Later, BMW
hundred and twenty fifth of lightweight magnesium - 240 HP on-line gas-less Valvetronic Vacuum Technology for unmatched efficiency and responsiveness and aluminum construction - will debut at 6.
Efishen BMW: BMW 5 Series is to increase the lead.
Efishen BMW technology, power steering, shift point indicator, active cooling fins, including features such as Brake Energy Regeneration, including on-demand operation of the engine and accessory unit, the appropriate combination of each model are present in the be. Lightweight materials, vehicle balance, in order to lighten its weight, is used intelligently. For example, such a door, hood, front fenders, and suspension components are made of aluminum assemblies.
Innovative driver assistance systems.
Driver assistance systems offered in the new BMW 5 Series, Active Cruise Control with time to order a stop and go again, a new parking assistant, includes a front-view camera and collision warning at the top of the brake application. Other features, driver assistance available blind spot alert, lane departure warning system, heads-up display, and BMW Night Vision with Pedestrian Detection.
BMW - joint development and production with the 7 Series.
World debut of the new BMW 5 Series Sedan is the latest chapter opens truly impressive success story. In the course of five model generations, the total sales of the BMW 5 Series has already reached 5.5 million units. Now the new model, also present in the BMW 7 Series luxury sedan, based on newly developed vehicle architecture.
BMW's factories operating Luffy dingo with the widespread use of shared components with the BMW 7 Series and BMW 5 Series Saloon,, co-produced the highly efficient production ensuring the highest quality standards.
Exterior: the perfect balance of dynamic proportions.
Proportion of new BMW 5 Series Sedan, hood and long wheelbase, short overhangs, rear conservatory set is defined by a style typical of the BMW coupe-like roofline that flows and. Slightly wedge-like shape of the body, creates a sporty forward movement of the characters. BMW's new interpretation of the nodes at the bottom of the signature Hofmeister C-pillars, which emphasizes the dynamic look of the car's profile further.
Silhouette, for all engines, giving a clear indication of a near-perfect weight distribution front to rear, and all the superb balance. Design of the sculpture, the new BMW badge, while providing a flow of lines along the side facing toward the rear, 2.97 m and 116.9 ", measuring the pitch of the new BMW 5 Series is the longest part of the car is., if everything from a single mold, to create a fit body.
Front and charismatic, graceful hands, the back muscles.
Representation in front of the new BMW 5 Series Sedan has a sporty character of the car. Kidney grille BMW's upright - as viewed from an angle of some lean before - to symbolize the movement by pressing the front of the hall, and the wheel arches flared very together, giving the front of the charismatic powerful car The.
While it is composed, respectively 10 LED unit indicators to move outward, adaptive xenon BMW (in pots hundred and twenty fifth option) in conjunction with, the ring unmistakable very daytime running lights incorporating the LED crown.Highlights of the last fire of the LED light marks the upper edge of each headlight unit.
Coupe-like roofline and windows, along with stretched surfaces, door openers, on the border that runs along the picturesque drive to the side slightly flared shoulder, the appearance of the passenger-side window section gives a light and tight, despite its size. Bright light and shadow to create a form that highlights the sporty character of the saloon concave, lower down the body. Greater curvature of the rear wheel around, and eventually leads to clear evidence of a rear wheel drive BMW's typical of this type.
Line dynamic vehicle can not be seen as a sedan, BMW has been enhanced by a reverse rotation compact surprisingly at the bottom of the C-pillars further at this point never at minimum radius, re-interpretation of this Hofmeister kick a typical is to emphasize the slender silhouette of the car, lightweight passenger cell provides a low-aspect.
Parallel to each other, and the rise of the threshold contour, dynamic, and extends from front to rear lights to create an elegant and dynamic appearance of the first car.Sculptural shape typical B MW was established in this way is to reverse the side sections to each other and literally.
Contour, followed the contours of the rear lights, meet on the last plate. Viewed from the back, in new BMW 5 Series Sedan, the arch can clearly see the life-giving body that stands out through the concave surface between the contour and the wheel. And wheel arch flares, the horizontal division of the latter, in turn, highlights the strong position of the sedan strongly reinforce this impression arch ends the same height as the wheel and the wide track wheels.
L-shaped rear light clusters, which reflects the unique design provides a typical appearance that night and again the BMW. Three rows of LED lights, enough to form an equally glowing appearance characteristic of BMW. And last but, turn signals and brake lights also come in LED technology.
Clear direction to the driver of modern cockpit
Cockpit, asymmetrical design of the center console and angled toward the driver at an angle of about 7 °, the driver has a clear emphasis in this direction. The horizontal line in the instrument panel emphasizes the sense of space.
As with all BMW energized, well-researched ergonomics to allow optimum operation of driving controls and other functions. Handles are positioned for use in the passenger seat and driver centrally and buttons display for functional and comfortable for everyone, control of the driver to use, or at the steering wheel on or near, the steering wheel located on the left of the front center console. Steering wheel with tilt away adjustment and telescopic for input and output slope of the power, and, of course, the front seat of both, including the height of the head are standard adjustments 10-way power .
The seating position is 13 millimeters or 0.5 "of rear knee room for the new BMW 5 Series sedan has improved both the front and rear than before. Luggage compartment capacity is 18.2 meters in more than 520 liters. Options Because the flexibility to expand transportation capacity vehicles, the cube can be used, and folding rear seat backrest. In addition to the 40:60 split, through loading feature is the rear seat backrest has been provided as yet another option, ski bag for convenience.
Black Panel instrument cluster technology.
As with many aspects of the new BMW 5 Series Sedan, BMW's instrument panel, sophisticated, and beautifully combines traditional and new executions. Ship, if any, tracking vehicles, including the needs of the service - where the entire cluster is the most important instruments of circular classical four have been measured and related drive current of the other panel black high-resolution display is imminent, and other information - also various (and function-related) are displayed in graphic form.Are placed in a second Black Panel display in the center console stack configuration and control of air conditioning.
Four generations of the IDrive, intuitive, powerful and fast.
New BMW 5 Series sedan, a fourth-generation control screen displays the BMW IDrive has two versions: 7.0-in. X 480 pixels and the standard form or the optional navigation system and 800 dazzling 10.2-inch size,, 1280 × 480 pixel version with a wide range of features and functions such as the new BMW 7 Series. Is semi-transparent display so that you increase the image on the screen is actually sunlight.
Instrument cluster interacts in new ways and the available head-up display and a display control IDrive. Depending on the selected function, users can call a phone number or radio stations via the steering wheel. The display panel, the driver can change the lane to help negotiate a complex junction, directional and realistic way to display the options IDrive, improve navigation. If the optional head-up display is activated, you will see the relevant instructions.
Materials and colors will enhance the elegance.
Enhance the impression of personal interaction in the surface lines and more luxury and choice of colors and materials. For fine-grained upper section of the dashboard, there are two colors depending on the selected color for the interior.That is standard on the five hundred fifth the Dakota leather, available in a combination of six colors, including the new two and three, BMW nappa leather luxury, a combination of three colors are available as options.
Interior Trim Solid Dark Bar Ash, dashboards, and appeared to spread radical on the front center console and doors, a typical case, anthracite ash (gray) trees characteristic of another called FineLine and mat is optional .
The center console is available for two categories: car with a console for manual transmission, divided into two sections, black surface around the buttons and gear lever on the driving dynamics of options to control the orientation towards the driverThe. Key support has been arranged between the lever and climate controls.
In models with automatic transmission, the space between the climate control unit with electronic gear selector lever provides enough space for two cup holders and key ring. An additional storage compartment IDrive (where there is another cupholder manual transmission model) is located behind.
Powertrain Dynamics nature of the BMW EfficientDynamics.
New BMW 5 Series is a choice of three petrol engines are available in the U.S.. In its introduction, the new 5 Series will be available as Wu and fifth hundred fifty one hundred thirty fifth. XDrive all-wheel drive variants
a hundred and twenty fifth of all three models will arrive later this year.
Fifth Extraordinary hundred and fifty, 4.4 liter BMW, 400 horsepower twin-turbo V - 8 engine is equipped. Previous BMW's usual V - 8 compared to the suction, the shift is reduced from 4.8 to 4.4 liters and twin turbochargers and direct injection equipped with high precision. Quantitatively, the new engine range 6400-5500 rpm delivers 400 horsepower. Maximum torque is available at 450nm over a very wide range of 1800
4500 RPM, is. From the dramatic thrust that drivers will notice subjectively independently of objective data are dramatic too: just 5.0 seconds 0-60 miles per hour when equipped with sport package 150 mph (preliminary) and maximum speed and estimated be. In this model, the maximum speed with no sport package is limited to 130 mph.
Thanks to its unique reverse flow layout, the fifth hundred and fifty, V - 8 engine, which has greater power to achieve much higher fuel consumption without. In technical terms, the approach will contain details of some very new design. First, the catalytic converter and exhaust cleaning twin turbochargers, V two - are located between the banks of eight cylinders. In turn, this is (driven by exhaust gas) needed a camshaft and exhaust valves to be kept on board a short path from the cylinder turbo. One of the main advantages of this layout is a more compact engine package. It is conventional V - A opposite 8-layout, V and - open a new era of development potential 8 engine.
BMW inline six-cylinder gasoline engine last is the engine for the fifth hundred and thirty-five new sedan. It is single, has a 3.0-liter twin-scroll turbocharger and displacement. In addition to direct High Precision Direct Injection, the new engine, BMW BMW Valvetronic technology and gas-free vacuum with twin turbochargers - the beginning of the line to be 6. BMW's EfficientDynamics technology combination of these dynamics, the Red Line from idle, throttle response and provides excellent fuel economy and emissions significantly reduced. The new engine has an output of 300 hp and 300 Nm of torque at 5800 rpm. Peak torque is an incredibly remarkable for accessibility: 300 lb-ft is available from the entire 1200 rpm - at 5000rpm.
8-speed automatic transmission Innovative play a supporting role.
All new BMW 5 Series models, fluid changes to a new level of perfection, eight-speed automatic brings sportiness and efficiency, will be equipped. Compared to the typical six-speed automatic offered in past BMW models, 8-speed "high" gear cruise, not only contributes to reducing fuel consumption and emissions important to make the peace of mind. Its wide dissemination of reports to and from lowest to highest gear, accelerate and improve the response rate in the range.
Strictly speaking, this new automatic attribute, two additional reports (7 and 8), which is achieved through an innovative concept that provides an increase in volume or weight. The contract has not been used in the automatic 8-speed so far, clutch packs and five gearsets planet four rather than two ways a 5 clutch pack up and is controlled to prevent freewheeling at any time. So-called "efficiency gear is" greater than 98% of all eight gears: a gradual increase in the number of mechanical elements, you can achieve very high efficiency of new transmission. Because this is live, with six-speed gearboxes without it entirely, and best of all. Reduce friction and torque converter, the total operating time of more "locked up" and combine this by maintaining a transmission is part of the concept of the new BMW 5 series of highly efficient overall . "
Shift faster, smoother, more efficient: two additional gear means the progress of the triple.
Wide spread of ratios, especially the engine "high" gear, 8 and can operate at lower speeds. In this wide spread, even yet, which reduces the difference in level between adjacent gears, in turn, this strong power when accelerating, which means a smoother flow.
Because out of gear or two up and down the clutch packs only, the same reason, faster shifts, there are additional benefits. On the other hand, is realized as a direct passage of at least two climbing gear. For example, a withdrawal is made from a single climbing gear clutch 2-8 pack, and it occurs without the intermediate step-down through the gears. The driver immediately so quiet, fuel-efficient low-speed gear 8, the next moment you can enjoy and get the maximum acceleration.
Manual transmission: Continuing the tradition of BMW
BMW is the car's sporty nature as well, underlining the commitment of the BMW driving enthusiasts, competition Mon BMW 5
9 "which continues to be the only manufacturer to offer a manual gearbox.
Wu and 550i sedan hundred and thirty fifth, providing a unique level of involvement of the driver of the segment in the U.S. in the six-speed manual will be provided.
Brake Energy Regeneration: energy-saving innovation.
New BMW 5 Series Sedan, continues to roll out the BMW Brake Energy Regeneration system in the U.S. model. To save energy and reduce consumption of vehicles over time, this system manages the time the alternator recharges the batteries.
Historically, the car's alternator runs constantly so that it is constantly charging the battery of the car. In the new BMW 5 Series, we are the only vehicle deceleration and braking, when the charge is not consuming power from the engine and effectively, especially free-spirited. Electronically controlled clutch similar to those used in air conditioning compressors, are used to arm and disarm the alternator.
LCM is no vehicle access to electrical charge, to meet the high demand, followed by corresponding special charge of the vehicle a more powerful battery. The battery is not in its internal boron silicate glass plates, separated by absorbent material saturated with liquid electrolytes normal "glass mat" technique called, and use. This structure is dramatically heating power, it is possible to provide the necessary power to the long period between the charge and reduce the conversion of rechargeable batteries.

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bmw x6

bmw x6
 bmw x6 pictures
 bmw x6 on the road
 bmw x6 interior
 bmw x6 white
 bmw x6 image
 bmw x6 dashboard
 bmw x6 back view
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2011 bmw x6 
 bmw x6 sport
 bmw x6 silver colors 2011

Bmw x6 review
Bmw x6 Details of the vehicle
BMW x6 has fashioned an innovative model in the new BMW X6 Sports Utility Vehicle launched (SUVs). This model is a kind of inter-mixed hybrid of an SUV with a stylish vehicle. Through its attractive appearance fashion is having a strong personality; BMW X6 is a perfect machine to melt in your working life with personal game time. E 'equipped only with the versatility and ease with which it is processed. BMW X6 comes in two basic models before X-Drive and the other is the 35th X-Drive50i. Of which the X-Drive is very fast 35th with a 300 horsepower engine, providing one with a great combination of speed and agility. One always tend to think of this combination every time he speaks of BMW.
While on the other hand, X-Drive takes on 50th-35th X because of its extreme engine power and greater acceleration potential. X-Drive is equipped with turbo V8 50th enhancement also having 400 horsepower engine. E 'for sure that this will drive the BMW x6 in all other vehicles in its class right out of this map.If you are looking for a combination of speed and high torque, then you search ends here because it excels at both levels.
The BMW X6 is totally attractive and substantial vehicle classified, for people of a higher class only. X6 is ready to take you wherever you go. But each of us must be thinking that if not the speed that all this can help drive? Then here are some places where the more you can help more of: -
Living luxuriously-BMW X6 and promises to keep your life seated and surrounded by luxury. The Vibrant performance power control this car to drive formula on himself. It has a perfect drive, rather than just being capable of meeting any particularly sensitive part of your lifestyle also provides the real driving fun. Having a moon roof power highlights giving end for the leather which will sink while sitting on it.
Travel-and promises to keep you safe on the road as it is equipped with 6 airbags are also well known that BMW is very popular due to electronic stability control. It is having a lot of room in it for a family of 4, as well as having all the tools you need travel.
Off The Road Drive-Killer looks of the BMW X6's looks are too perfect about who are responsible for your consideration. But after that is for sure that this vehicle is willing to take in even the harshest landscapes. With its flattering sport management will feel as if sailing on the most terrible road conditions.You can even crowd with their luggage as this vehicle has a lift gate that automatically unlocks to reveal the cargo area and easily store all your gear off-road.
Overall we can say that the BMW X6 offers high standards has always been waiting for BMW commonly labeled as a "vehicle Running in Dreams."