Friday, July 1, 2011

bmw m7

bmw m7
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 bmw m7 black

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Bmw m7
bmw m7,In 2009, our spies spotted this prototype of what is to become the M7, with anM-style front bumper with large air intakes below the lamp unit. The rear skirt appears to have changed, too, but more interesting is the fact that the M7 will receive a newaluminum front hood to improve handling and weight-balance.
The 2010 BMW 760i, the current top model, offers a twin-turbo 6.0-liter V12 that boasts a 536 horsepower beast - which means that the M7 would require even more power than to be worthy of the coveted distinctive 'M '. Some reports have indicatedboth the twin-turbo V8 X6 M or the 5.0L V10 from the M5 and M6, but considering the numbers of the 760th power, which slots below a M7, we expect that BMW can borrow an engine from both of its subsidiary Rolls Royce, or 8-Series now deleted.
Whatever ends up with the engine should be good for 550-600 hp, making thismassive sedan nothing short of a rocket. It would be a huge increase in power overthe current 407 hp 750i, but the Alpina B7 (507 hp) and also provide the powerful 500 hp Porsche Panamera.
bmw m7,Although details are sparse and largely based on hearsay, and the ability to have an engine from the now defunct 8-Series, there is also a perhaps a completely newsuspension will migrate down from the now-canceled 8-Series and BMW M7 make a sedan performance unique.
Now, some are speculating that something that has been developed for the now-forgotten series 8 could end up coming to life in an M7. Expect something of asharing the distinctive 7-series and M to come to more than $ 150,000.

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